Senior Sunrise: A Palmer Ridge Tradition

Friday morning; the sun has yet to crest the horizon and already, high schoolers are rolling out of bed and gathering their supplies: blankets, pajamas, pastries, phone cameras. The graduating class of 2022 sleepily makes their way to the PRHS football field to gather for one of the most looked-forward-to events of the year: Senior Sunrise.

Mr Molé entertains a group of students waiting for the sun to rise
Student Council assisted in pouring the hot chocolate

Senior Sunrise is a lauded tradition at Palmer Ridge; in order to truly feel like it’s the last year of high school, the Senior Sunrise is a necessity, no matter how early it is. Covid didn’t even manage to foil the event– both the classes of 2020 and 2021 were able to have at least a droplet of normalcy. Friday morning, the Class of 2022 finally got their chance to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and eat donuts on the field with their friends.

From left to right: Onni Naranjo (12), Grace Carlander (12), Ella Nagaraj (12), Morgan Rawls (12), and Keagan McCorkle (12) brought blankets, quilts, and cozy pajamas to cuddle up in as they sat on the field.
Students pose (enthusiastically!) for a photo.
Jaden Cotton (12) loads up his plate at the breakfast table.

Parent volunteers, Student Council, and administration sweetened the deal by providing a lavish breakfast for the seniors, including donuts, muffins, fruit, sausages, and, the best part, hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

From left to right: Cameron Hinkle (12), Nate Baker (12), and Finn Williamson (12) enjoy their breakfasts with a range of excitement.
Clockwise from far left: Michael Carlson (12), Mark Burn (12), Ayiana Kolasinski (12), Lydia Wright (12), Kim Ryan (12), Olivia Smith (12), Nicole Antosh (12), and Laura Lambrech (12)
From left to right: Aliah Clark (12), Megan King (12), and Perrin Hodson (12) enjoy the Senior Sunrise

Though years past have been notoriously chilly, the weather this year was, thankfully, perfect. Blankets and quilts littered the football field to claim territory, though many groups mixed and mingled throughout the morning. Admin, including Dr Frank, watched over the proceedings and chatted with the students and between themselves.

From left to right: Jaden Cotton (12), Cora Goodwin (12), Reagen Hitzler (12), and Nicole Day (12) are all grins this morning
From left to right: Bronwyn McIntire (12), Riana McHugh (12), Danielle Day (12), Heather Taylor (12), Shayna McHugh (12), and Zoe Johnson (12) cozy up to watch the sunrise.
Tommy Metzger (12) performs a signature flip on the field.
Students mingle in the rising sunlight
The senior class gathered for a group photo at the end of the event.