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Palmer Lake
Palmer Lake Starlighting
By Taylor Goss and Luxe Palmer December 3, 2020

2020 has seen the cancelations of many traditions and events that communities hold dear, such as plays, concerts, or gatherings; thankfully, the Palmer Lake Starlighting escaped that fate. The Palmer Lake Starlighting happens every year around the end of November....

Even before Black Friday, stores like Walmart are packed.
Will 2020 be the Death of Black Friday?
By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter • November 25, 2020

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and more restrictions being put in place over the past few weeks, it's clear that many things in society, including Black Friday, may never be the same again. Some might argue that Black Friday was already on its way out over...

The trophy the Speech and Debate team won after taking second place in sweepstakes.
Speech and Debate "Gnomes" What They're Doing!
By Mallory Sale, Reporter • November 16, 2020

The Speech and Debate team took second place overall at their first Varsity Tournament of the season, winning the sweepstake prize of... a gnome?! Yes, you read that right, our very own Speech and Debate team won a gnome after placing second overall at the PikeSpeak...

Lain Roy finishes his performance of "Someone You Love"
PRHS Alumnus Lain Roy Performs on NBC's "The Voice"
By Luxe Palmer, Co-Editor-in-Chief • November 15, 2020

**WARNING: Spoiler Alert for The Voice, Season 19** Colorado doesn't get much recognition on national television, not to mention our tiny Tri-Lakes area. Nevertheless, Larkspur native and PRHS alumnus Lain Roy, 22, made headlines with his audition on NBC's...

Karamu Celebration
What is Kwanzaa?
By Madissyn Moore, Reporter • December 27, 2020

Have you heard about Kwanzaa? Do you know anyone who celebrates it? The Bear Truth put out a poll on Instagram asking how many people celebrate Kwanzaa and out of 34 people,...

The Go-To Station: Holiday Traditions Edition
The Go-To Station: Holiday Traditions Edition
By Taylor Goss, Reporter • December 19, 2020

Well, the holidays are finally here and it is time for students' families to celebrate their favorite holiday traditions. So, I interviewed a couple of them to learn about...

"Yule" Love the Palmer Lake Yule Log Festival
By Kaitlyn Ketchell and Luxe Palmer December 16, 2020

Palmer Lake is characterized by their many small-town traditions, such as the Palmer Lake Starlighting and the Yule Log Festival. The Yule Log Festival, held in many towns...

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Starbucks
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Starbucks
December 10, 2020

The end of the year is near, with disastrous 2020 getting left behind, and that means the jolly holiday season is fast approaching. The best part about this time? Starbucks,...

Recipe: Eggnog French Toast
By Luxe Palmer, Co-Editor-in-Chief • December 4, 2020

I am aware of the fact that some people do not like eggnog. Though I personally think that this is a crying shame and that eggnog is one of the most magical holiday drinks...

Eat The World #3: Italy
August 24, 2020
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Varsity Football Quarantined
Varsity Football Quarantined
By Madissyn Moore, Reporter • November 17, 2020

Football at Palmer Ridge is a big deal and many were upset when the football season was initially pushed back to spring. Surprisingly, CHSAA...

Softball team warming up.
Social-Distanced Sports
October 24, 2020
Colorado Endorsements
Colorado Endorsements
By Luxe Palmer and Amber Wright October 9, 2020

The following editorial is the opinion of the Co-Editors-in-Chief, Luxe Palmer and Amber Wright, and does not represent the views of The...

Editor's Letter: Caught in Between
By Luxe Palmer, Co-Editor-in-Chief • October 8, 2020
Meet the Staff

Alayna Temple is a sophomore going to Palmer Ridge High School. This will be her first year as part of The Bear Truth staff. Although unsure of what she wants to do after high school, Alayna hopes that...

Taylor Goss
Taylor Goss

Taylor Goss is a sophomore at Palmer Ridge high school who loves the outdoors, to read, to dance, and recently joined the newspaper staff. On most weekends that they are free, her family can be found doing...

Kaitlyn Ketchell has been part of the Bear Truth staff for a year. She’s a junior at PRHS who writes pop culture, horoscopes, a history column, and occasionally helps with cuisine. In her free time,...

Madissyn is a senior at Palmer Ridge this year. She is one of our new reporters who started last semester. Madissyn also participates on our varsity track team. In her free time she likes to write and...

Tom Patrick, CJE, is the founding adviser of The Bear Truth and is proud to be one of the few remaining staff members from Palmer Ridge's inaugural year way back in 2008. When not advising the newspaper...

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the (Bear) Truth
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the (Bear) Truth