A Trip to the Oscars


Friends talk and smile while prom takes place. Photo taken by Julia Reish

Every school year around March and April voices start to buzz about the biggest dance to happen yet, Prom. Prom is a special event that many high school students look forward to. It’s a night to dress up, dance, take pictures, and make memories with friends. The big dance often takes place at the end of the school year which provides the opportunity for some students to close out their school year with a bang. This year’s prom theme for Palmer Ridge High School was the Oscars. One of the most exciting parts of prom is getting all dressed up. Girls usually wear a long dress while boys wear suits or tuxedos. Some people went all out with their outfits in bright colors, feathers, sequins, and more. Some students carry on their outfit by coordinating with their date or friends as well. Another fun event to take place during the night is Palmer Ridges prom royalty competition. Students in the upperclassmen grades compete for the title of prom king and queen by gathering votes from students school wide. This year’s senior winners were Natali Jansky and Cole Murray. The two looked great as they walked up on stage to claim their crowns. This year’s junior winners were Kaia Newell and Dane VanDenHoek. Everybody enjoyed voting for their favorites and watching the outcome!

John Rice (left) and Drew Bennight (right) laugh as they pose for a picture. Photo taken by Julia Reish.

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, the place prom was held, there was food for students to snack on, a dance floor, and even a photo booth for capturing the moment. People laughed while enjoying all the venue had to offer. Though prom is a fun night filled with joy and making happy memories, it can sometimes be a little bittersweet. For some seniors, Prom is the last high school dance they will ever get to attend again before going off to college or starting a new chapter of life. Though the four years were long in the moment, often some look back and feel like it slipped through their fingers! Many students miss high school memories when it is over, but are excited to start something new. The night called for a lot of fun with flashing lights, music, and friends. Though prom hours ended at 11, for many the night was not yet done. After prom is a fun hangout to attend after at the actual high school. There many students play fun games, laugh with groups of people, and win cool prizes. Some prize options this year included pillows, air pods, candy and more. After prom went on until the early hours of 3 in the morning, making prom night long lasted and worth every hour. Prom is an amazing dance for many people and always something to look forward to. So many students enjoyed this 2023 school years dance and can not wait for the next one to sneak up around the corner.