Emily Miller (12) and Maggie Mulloy (11) seen pictured at Trunk-or-Treat with their pumpkin themed car. Photo by Hannah Miller.

The Halloween season in the Tri-Lakes season was a success this year, with many families taking advantage of the warm weather and taking their kids around the neighborhood to earn treats. While the night of Halloween may be too spooky for the younger kids, a great way to still take the kids out in their costumes to get candy is the District 38 Trunk-or-Treat hosted by local high school students!

Trunk-or-Treat took place at Palmer Ridge High School early Saturday October 29th before Halloween on Monday. Clubs from all over the district, such as Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the LINK Crew, and Palmer Ridge Student Council were eager to participate in this fun event, starting to plan and brainstorm the inspiration behind their vehicle months in advance. From the Lewis-Palmer High School Cheerleaders’ Lilo and Stitch to the LINK Crew’s spooky ghosts, pumpkin patch, and witch’s lair, every trunk was by far a treat!

Amelia Kulich (12) gives out candy to a young police officer at Trunk-or-Treat. Photo by Hannah Miller.

Young families from all over the Tri-Lakes area attended, winding through the fun themed cars, playing games, admiring the creative costumes, and of course, getting tons of candy! This Halloween event switches venues, alternating between the high schools every year. Trunk-or-Treat is the perfect Halloween activity for kids of all ages, especially the littles.

Maggie Mulloy (11), who attended the event as a part of the LINK Crew, a club dedicated to helping freshmen navigate their first year of high school, generally thought that her first Trunk-or-Treat was a success. “I think it is a good thing for the community and a really fun way to get candy,” said Mulloy. “There were a lot of compliments on the cars and the kids were really cute!”

Trunk-or-Treat is not just for the kids around Monument. Every Halloween, FBLA collects leftover candy from the event to prepare goody-bags to send to the U.S. soldiers overseas. As they are unable to enjoy Halloween with their families at home, FBLA has made it their mission to do what they can to support the troops, performing a small gesture that ultimately means so much. “Every year we collect leftover candy and we send them to troops. The reason that we do that is so that they can have a Halloween, and so we can give them some joy,” said Amber Taylor (12), president of FBLA.