Coffee Shop Reviews

Perfectly Elevated Café and Gallery Address: 11 Primrose St, Palmer Lake, CO 80133 Reason for starting business: Freedom/ No one tells you what to do Vegan/Gluten Free options? Has both vegan and gluten free options. Owners: Tara and Shelton Segrest Special Items: their food boxes, most of which are gluten free. Atmosphere: Small but surprisingly spacious, filled with art, jewelry, and various local items such as candles, pens, and bumper stickers

Speedtrap Bistro Address 84-2 SH 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133 Reason for starting business: Family in the area and a love of the culinary enterprise. Vegan/Gluten Free options? Yes multiple of both. Owner: Spencer Boyles Special Items: Sunday Waffles, only available on Sundays Atmosphere: Cozy, warm, and always packed.

Wesley Owens Coffee Shop and Café Address: 1744 Lake Woodmoor Dr, Monument CO 80132 Reason for starting business: Love of Tradition with Coffee and Baking Vegan/Gluten Free options? Yes… not many though, and some are one but not the other. Owner: Linsey and Fabian Leite Special Items: Fresh handmade baked goods Atmosphere: Roomy, Modern, smells like baked goods all the time.

Serrano’s Coffee Company Address: 625 WH 105 Monument CO 80132 Reason for starting business: Love of great tasting coffee Vegan/Gluten Free options? Yes some of both

Owner: Carl Nolt

Special Items: Handmade Paninis

Atmosphere: Modern, Efficient and Personable, not a normal combo , Eh?

Coffee Cup Café Address: 251 Front St #6, Monument, CO , 80132

Reason for starting business: “Best Breakfast in town” Vegan/Gluten Free Options? Plenty to the extent they have a special gluten free section.

Owners : Ben and Eden Hibbard

Special Items: Manly Marine Meal Atmosphere: Large Patio, Western Bar theme… all that Southwest flair!

Forge Coffee Lab

Address: 15954 Jackson Creek Pkwy D, Monument, CO, 80132

Reason for starting business: Unique Coffee Ideas Vegan/Gluten Free options? YEP! almost only that, Its mostly coffee and its add-ins with a few other options.

Owner: Robin Krzykowski

Special Items: Homemade coffee syrups. Atmosphere: Clean Clear and Organized, nothing out of place.