The Palmer Lake Starlighting


The Palmer Lake Starlighting is a classic event that has been going on since 1935. A fact many may not know about the star is that it was built during the Great Depression as a way to foster civic pride, and it definitely seems to have accomplished this. According to Mr. and Mrs. Profitt they “love it when the star is lit”. It was built thanks to Bert Sloan the then owner of Sloan’s Cafe, two line men named Richard Wolf and C. E. Rader, a surveyor named Byron Medlock, residents of Palmer Lake, and an idea from B.E. Jack the regional manager of Mountain Utilities. According to Mr. Sloan “We tried to keep the town from dying and make it a good place to live. We wanted to do something the town could be proud of for many years and the star did just that.” And if Mr. and Mrs. Profitt are any example this message has certainly gotten through as they “see the star as a symbol of community, hope and peace”, even all these years later.