Colorado Conspiracies- The Denver Airport and the Illuminati

Colorado is home to many horrific events, from the kidnapping of Jon-Benet Ramsey to the most recent Boulder County Fires. Many people have theorized about why these things happen and how. Some say the supernatural, some say Cultists… I will be going over all the possibilities. For the first Colorado Conspiracy, I will be investigating the famous Denver International Airport Conspiracy. Is the blue horse statue really a demon? Are the tunnels under the airport holding extraterrestrial life? All this and more will be discovered in this week’s Colorado Conspiracies.

Photo provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport

The Denver Airport was opened in 1995 and their official statement is, “Denver International Airport’s mission and vision is to provide excellence in service and support for 100 million annual passengers.” The airport took five years to build and went almost two billion dollars over budget. Many have speculated that going this far over-budget and taking so long is due to the underground tunnels that supposedly hold aliens.

There is also a time capsule in the airport stating that the Airport was built by the “New World Airport Commission,” along with a sketch of the Freemasons insignia. After some research, it was found that in 1994, the year the time capsule was made, there was a new committee known as the “World Airport Commission,” which was later shut down. As for the Freemasons insignia, they helped build the time capsule, so they left their signature.

The infamously named “Bluecifer” statue was unveiled in 2008, 2 years later than it was supposed to be. The reason for that is actually much darker than someone may imagine. The creator of the sculpture, Luis Jiminez, was building the horse statue when part of the 9,000 pound statue fell on his and severed an artery, killing him. His friends and family continued working on the sculpture and eventually got it to be unveiled at the Denver Airport. Not only does the red-eyed mustang look creepy, but the story behind it really is.

Photo provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport

Inside the airport, there are many pieces of art, some of which are very odd. From murals of children and Nazis, to gargoyles sitting in luggage, one could say the art is very hard to interpret.

“Children of the World Dream of Peace” mural. Photo provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport

In the mural “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” many different cultures and people are represented, including several flags from different countries. The mural looks nice and colorful at first glance, but a closer inspection will show some spooky things.

The photo on the left is supposed to represent how war affects the world and people, while the one on the right shows the soldier dead in front of the children of the world. One may think this shows the victory of peace, but it is still odd to show a dead Nazi in front of a lot of kids.

Photo provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport
Photo provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport

The gargoyles around the airport are know as “Notre Denver” and are sat in various pieces of luggage. While some may view these as “ominous” or “creepy,” they are a bit funny. They are said to protect travelers’ luggage, which is ironic coming from a place that loses thousands of pieces of luggage every year.

Along with all the art pieces, there are many odd goings-on inside the Denver Airport. Not only are there mile-long tunnels, but there are 5 “buried buildings.” When the airport was being built, several buildings were made incorrectly and instead of being blown up or demolished, they were covered and put underneath the airport.

With many conspiracies come few explanations. Does Denver airport really house aliens in its underground bunkers? The world may never know, but we do know that they need to get more wall outlets.