Manga Section Expanded in School Library


There is a new addition to Palmer Ridge’s library, and that is a dedicated section for Manga. Manga has been in the school library for quite some time, tucked away in the graphic novel section, but only recently has the section seen enough growth, from donations, to warrant its own section.

Mrs. Stevenson, one of the school librarians, gives more insight about the donor and the creation of the new section.

“We have a very generous donor who feels like he really wants to contribute to our collection for our students, since it is a very popular section and students really enjoy reading manga. So he started to donate quite a few series to our high school…and with that we realized very quickly that the manga we had was not going to fit within the graphic novel section. It was really going to need its own section,” said Mrs. Stevenson. 

Valkyrie Lynch (9) frequents the new manga section. “I check out manga around every Navy Day. I’ve probably checked out around 30 manga so far.” 

Manga is a comic or graphic novel usually printed in black and white which is originally written in Japanese. A staple of manga is that it is read from back to front and from right to left.

Manga has been very popular in Japan since its development back in the late 19th century. These popular series began to branch out through language translation and saw major growth in countries outside of Japan. The United States is now one of the largest consumers of Manga as it is very similar to popular comics. 

“I love it [the new manga section] 10/10. I think it’s a great idea, I know of many manga fans at our school,” said Lynch.

Interested in checking out the manga section? Check the shelves next to the librarian’s desks or ask the librarians about it.