Q+A: The Mystery of the Bear Mascot


Photo by Amaya Taylor

Our very own Hannah Miller (11) jumps around with the school mascot.

Many fans part of the PRHS community go crazy when it comes to the school’s athletic activities. Whether it’s a stressful football game or a wild school assembly, The Bear is always there! Even though Palmer Ridge High School’s friendly mascot is a familiar face around the campus, not many people know the student behind the mask. But because their identity needs to remain a secret in order to keep the mystery alive, these fun-filled questions are answered by The Bear itself!

What is your favorite part about being The Bear?

“The interaction with the crowds! It makes people so happy, and it seems to make more people have more fun at the games! I feel like it helps the team when there’s more cheer in the crowd.”

How do you keep up with being secretive?

“It’s very hard! You can kind of see my shoes and my face when you get really close. I try to be very creative about it and figure out my cover as I go. I really don’t know how I do it!”

What is your favorite kind of gummy bear?

“I like the green ones, especially when they are really squishy.”

If you could be any super hero who would it be?

“The Incredible Hulk. I think it would be fun to be known as ‘The Incredible Bear!'”

Can you name your favorite thing that you have done so far as The Bear?

“I like dressing up in costume. For the homecoming game, I dressed up as a rich person from the Hunger Games.”

Do you see yourself dressing up for more games this year?

“Yes! we try to match the theme for most of the games, although it’s hard sometimes because the themes are so big.”

The Bear cheering at a football game.

How did you react when you found out you were The Bear?

“I was a little bit nervous. It’s really scary too, because you just want to do good. I strive for success, and that’s kind of our school. I feel like the mascot should be good to represent the school.”

What is your favorite holiday and why?

“Thanksgiving, I’ve got to eat all the food before I go into hibernation!”

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

“Antarctica, to meet all the polar bears!”

Other than increasing morale, what other duties do you have?

“Sometimes I will hand out flyers or candy to promote a game that we want a lot of people to show up to. Also at the assemblies, like during Make-A-Wish, the little kids want to see me and it’s so cute!”

What is your go-to dance move?

“I like to do like the Boogie,’ or like a shimmy-shake, and the rolling arms. Sometimes I’ll try to match the cheerleaders!”

What do you usually think about when you are performing?

“Things like, I better not get too hot and pass out!’ or ‘Don’t trip and fall!’ or ‘Don’t speak!’ I’m a really talkative person, and it’s so hard for me not to say something to my friends.”

If you could give one subtle hint towards your identity, what would it be?

“I am part of theater!”

Are there any questions you want to ask The Bear? Leave your questions in the comments and they will get answered in Q+A: Get to Know The Bear Part Two!