The Ridge Rage Girl: The Maddie Cump Most People Don’t Know


Photo by Oliver Hayes

Palmer Ridge senior, Maddie Cump, has attracted attention and popularity all her life due to her social personality and inviting energy. In her senior year, she has found a new challenge: taking on a major role in Palmer Ridge’s spirit club, Ridge Rage. While this new role of speaking at assemblies and leading student sections is exciting for Cump, she is now taking on the new label, “The Ridge Rage Girl.” Despite this label being positive, Cump discusses the baggage that comes with the label, as well as who she is outside of being “The Ridge Rage Girl.”

While Cump has experienced popularity her whole life, even describing herself as a “familiar face,” this new role has created even more of a “buzz” around her name. Unfortunately, the “buzz” she experiences is not always good. New expectations and pressures surround her, gossip follows after any decisions she makes.

“When you know that, like, everyone is watching you,” Cump told The Bear Truth. “I literally think about everything I do.”

Cump also recognized the different perceptions that follow a female gaining lots of attention versus a male that gains lots of attention.

“You know, being popular as a girl comes with, no matter how badly you are the opposite of what people perceive you as, people love to assume you sleep around,” Cump said. “Guys don’t experience that same negative energy. They get praised for that kind of thing. I’ve experienced that firsthand. I definitely think that there is a gender situation for sure.”

Luckily, the pressures and gossip that surrounds Cump does not affect her goals and aspirations for her role in Ridge Rage.

“I felt like I would be good at it [being a Ridge Rage representative]. I wanted a chance to talk to the student body, I am in Ridge Rage, and I am a familiar face. So I kind of, you know, thought it would fit. I really liked it, so I am going to do the next one [assembly].”

Maddie Cump (12) poses with the bear statue in front of the school. Cump holds a huge role in Ridge Rage and Student Council. “I wanted a chance to talk to the student body,” Cump said.

While Cump loves to embrace the perceptions and labels she receives regarding Ridge Rage and Student Council, she also loves to embrace the side of her that is not necessarily shown within these responsibilities. Outside of the great amount of time she spends in preparation for these roles, Cump told The Bear Truth about the things she enjoys, holds close to her, and what she hopes for the future.

“I am definitely dedicated, very hardworking. But, I like to have fun and let loose. I think that I am equally as involved in school and work as I am in my social life. I am very social.”

Cump’s combination of dedication and her ability to have fun is evident in her speaking during assemblies and when she leads student sections. But, this combination is a part of her life in every way. Two activities where these traits shine are weightlifting and working.

Cump found weightlifting after deciding to stop doing gymnastics. As someone who has always been intrigued with fitness, weightlifting was a rather obvious substitute for gymnastics. Despite this new hobby being fairly new to her, weightlifting is still an important part of her life.

As far as working, Cump was more than happy to share about her love for her job. She found the job by looking around Monument, finally stumbling into a local hair studio. After Cump met her the woman running the studio, she applied for the job and was hired, and she now spends a decent amount of time at her job. Cump also described how important her relationship with her boss is to her: the two even find themselves shopping together when they are not working.

While Cump wishes people knew about her hobby of weightlifting and how much she enjoys her job, she was very adamant about one thing.

“I wish people knew that I was as genuinely friendly and kind as I come off when I am in front of the whole school,” Cump said.

With her role in the school, Cump is forced to take on these traits of friendliness and being kind. But, she wishes people knew that these traits are not forced. These traits make Maddie Cump who she is.

Maddie Cump (12) poses for a picture. She describes how she wishes people knew how genuine she actually is. “I’m very energetic and fun and excited. I wish people, I guess, picked up on that outside of school and stuff like that.”

“I’m very energetic and fun and excited. I wish people, I guess, picked up on that outside of school and stuff like that.”

After Cump described some stuff she does in her free time, as well as what she wishes people realized about her, she described some miscellaneous things she enjoys.

“I love to travel. I have been to a lot of countries,” Cump said. “I also love baseball and football. I watch baseball every night with my dad. I have been to about ten Rockies games this summer. Super big baseball fan.”

“I am a huge Bachelorette fan. I love old music. I have a vinyl collection at my house. I love plants. I have plants all over my room. I love warm weather. I am going to go somewhere warm for college, or maybe in Colorado. Definitely not going anywhere cold.”

Cump’s life is full of everything from insane expectations and responsibilities to an interest in America’s favorite pastime.

But, one thing stands above all else.


“I am very, very, very family oriented. I am very close with the people that I care about.”

Cump went on to describe the importance of her relationship with her older sister, Zoe.

“I am best friends with my sister. She is 100 percent my best friend.”

Maddie’s sister is a senior at Colorado State University. During quarantine this past year, Cump’s sister was able to spend a lot of time with her.

“When she first moved up there [to college], I was going up, like, twice a month. It was awesome and brought us closer,” Cump said. “When quarantine hit, she moved back home because everything went online. She wanted to save money so she came back home. Quarantine ended up bringing us a lot closer. I was very lucky.”

When asked what her purpose in life was, Cump responded by saying, “My purpose would be to just spend time with the people that I love.”

After high school is over with and she takes on a whole new list of challenges, Cump hopes to become someone who takes care of people. She is looking to major in biology after college, hopeful that it will set her up with a job working with medicine or being a nurse.

While Cump loves the roles she embraces, she still wishes that others knew her for her. She wishes that people knew the part of her outside of just being “The Ridge Rage Girl” or whatever people know her by. Remember that people have a way bigger story to tell than just what they present.