Food War: What Mexican Restaurant Has The Best Tacos?


All photos by Olivia Sargent unless otherwise noted

Everyone loves tacos. When it comes to picking a taco restaurant, it’s difficult to decide where to go. I reviewed three different local Mexican restaurants in Monument and ordered beef tacos from each. First I went to Arlene’s Beans located in Old Monument on Second Street, then to Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill located in Monument on Jackson Creek Pkwy, and lastly La Casa Fiesta in Old Monument on Front Street.

Arlene’s Beans

On Friday, my mom and I eagerly drove to Arlene’s Beans for the first time on empty stomachs ready for some hot, spicy food. The restaurant is family owned; in fact, when we went in, Arlene’s daughter was working behind the counter fixing drinks for people and preparing food. When you walk in, you first order your food at the counter and they give you a buzzer to let you know when to go back and pick up your food. With many menu options to choose from, I immediately ordered the “Taco Plate” under the “Arlene’s Signature Combination Plates” category. It offers your choice of meat with three fried corn tortillas, beans, rice, avocado cream, salsa, lettuce and tomatoes.

While waiting for our buzzer to go off, I sipped on delicious fruit punch and snacked on some chips and salsa. Only a couple minutes later, our food was ready at the counter. Everything came in a take-out style plate, ware which was very convenient because we can just throw away our trash at the end. My Taco Plate looked amazing; everything was prepared in a appetizing fashion with all the tacos perfectly aligned with each other. The first bite consisted of a nice crunch with well seasoned meat, cheese, lettuce and creamy light green avo-cream.

I had never tried the avo-cream before but I was pleasantly surprised with the medium spice to it. I basically inhaled these three tacos with every bite being as delicious as the first. The rice and beans were very good as well and evenly portioned to the plate being a great supplement to the tacos. Also, I noticed there was a lot more meat in the tacos than I usually have when I order tacos from other places which was a big plus! Overall, I think these tacos from Arlene’s Beans deserve a 10/10!

Photo taken by Jen Sargent

I loved this restaurant because of the fun atmosphere! When you leave Arlene’s Beans, there is a bell at the top right of the door with a sign behind it saying “If you’re happy and you know it, ring our bell!”

Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill

After a long day of school and practice, it was time for another round of tacos. My lovely mom and I drove over to the Jackson Creek Plaza and parked at Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill. Coming in, the first thing I saw was the huge red menu sign with white lettering and pictures of the options. The restaurant had the same feel of a Subway sandwich place; similar layouts and to-go/sit-in orders. It is also similar to Arlene’s Beans, just a bit less personable. This time I got the “2 beef tacos” with rice and beans. Unfortunately, the menu does not provide a caption of what are in the tacos other than the meat.

Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill
Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill Menu

The food was ready very quick, which was amazing! The first taste of the taco was pleasant; the beef was shredded this time with the delicious juicy taste mixed with cheese and lettuce. Personally, I do not like shredded meat, but if you prefer that, Rodolfo’s is the place for you! There was more cheese in this taco which I liked better than my previous round of tacos at Arlene’s Beans. However, there was no avo-cream, but I got a side of sour cream to add to the tacos. I thought the proportion of the ingredients in them flowed nicely and I didn’t need to add any sort of seasoning. Of course, everyone’s tastes buds are different, so it depends on how much salt and spice you like. As for the shell, they were corn tortillas that were slightly stale. Other than that slight fallback, I again chowed down these tacos happily with the beans and rice as well. My experience was good and I recommend these tacos 100%! My final rating for Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill is a solid 8/10!

Rodolfo’s beef tacos

La Casa Fiesta

I can’t count how many times I have been to La Casa Fiesta and I can’t believe I have never ordered the tacos!

The colorful interior of La Casa Fiesta

I love the atmosphere every time I visit La Casa Fiesta. There are a lot of fun colors and decorations throughout the restaurant, like sombreros, fun pictures, flags, guitars, and more! This is a family-owned restaurant and quite a few of the family members work there, which adds to the homey feel. We got takeout at the front and you guessed it, I picked the beef tacos. This time, I accidentally just got two beef tacos instead of the “2 beef taco combination plate”, but the tacos were great regardless. A 10/10 from me!

La Casa Fiesta’s storefront in Old Monument. Photo taken by Jen Sargent

I was a bit worried about my food getting cold because the drive home is about thirty minutes. To my surprise, the tacos stayed very warm and did not get to soggy at all. The crunch was loud and delicious, with perfectly-cooked ground beef and an added spice to the meat. It was a little less spicy than the tacos from Arlene’s Beans, but just enough spice to keep it interesting. There was cheese, lettuce, and salsa as well. I am not a huge fan of salsa, but there wasn’t too much in the tacos to take away from the taste. The shell was pretty good and was easy to keep all the ingredients inside the taco. I ate them super fast with a big glass of chocolate milk!

La Casa Fiesta’s beef tacos

And the winner is….

Arlene’s Beans! I enjoyed these tacos the best for the gourmet feel and the avo-cream twist! Every one of these tacos were amazing though. Keep in mind, this is just my personal review. Make sure to try these tacos out with your friends and family!!