Back to Basics: Assemblies and Dances

Student Body Vice President Jeremiah Craig (12) celebrates victory of spirit stick. Photos by Mallory Sale (12)

Last week Palmer Ridge held their first assembly in over a year. The new principal Dr. Frank was officially introduced and fall sports representatives talked about their next games or meets. Student Body President, Morgan Scarsbrook (12) and Vice President, Jeremiah Craig (12) talked to students about the Navy and Gold tailgate and dance happening Saturday, August 21. At the end of the Assembly, the classes fought for the school spirit stick through the fight song. Seniors did the best, Juniors did good, and the underclassmen could use some work! Seniors won the spirit stick and VP Craig did a victory dance!

PRHS Volleyball team hands out candy to students who get the ball in the bucket! Photo by Luxe Palmer

Saturday the 21st of August held the first school wide dance in a year, and it was a great turn out! Although it was a bit windy, students enjoyed roaming about the athletic fields for the annual Navy and Gold tailgate. Student Council served free chips, soda, and hot dogs to enjoy while watching one of the Poms team’s great performances! The drama club came adorned in capes and Burger King crowns to signify their fall musical, Once Upon a Mattress, and the Volleyball team gave students a chance to spike, set or serve their way into the bucket for some sweet snacks!

Bearbotic’s robot roams the streets! Photo by Luxe Palmer (12)

The Bearbotics team ran a fluffy teddy bear robot all around the tailgate for free hugs, and DECA told students fortunes with some cute cards and a magic ball. Speech and Debate did face painting and Ridge Rage had a game of monopoly going! The PR Cheer team had a rubber ducky race and Student Council gave people Blue and Gold handprints to wear into the dance.

Students wear white for the tailgate and dance! Photo by Luxe Palmer (12)

The Bear Truth interviewed Diya Suri (11) on her opinion of the dance and tailgate. Suri stated that she enjoyed seeing her friends, playing games, and getting food at the tailgate. Her favorite booth at the tailgate was the cheer table because they had Chick-fil-A, and Knowledge Bowl because they had trivia questions. She was helping with both Speech and Debate and Knowledge Bowl’s tables but was not involved in set up or communication between the clubs and Student Council or Administrators.

Students wait to enter the Athletic Entrance for the dance. Photo by Luxe Palmer (12)

The dance was $5 per student and was PR students only. It was white out and bear wear themed and lasted from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. It was held in the main Gym and students were not able to re-enter if they left the hall or cafeteria area. Several Students were crowdsurfing at some point, which was quickly banned by admin. Students then proceeded to dance on the DJ table, even DR. Frank did so at one point! There were multiple backflips attempted in dance circles, and a few failed ones, but everyone had a ton of fun! Suri (11) enjoyed being at a dance after a year and a half and seeing her friends. She liked when the DJ played a song everyone knew so they could all jump together or do the dance, such as the Cha Cha Slide or Dancing Queen by ABBA. She did not enjoy a few of the songs played at the dance as she didn’t know a lot of them. Suri said she enjoyed both the dance and the tailgate, but liked the tailgate more as there was more to do and she was able to see and interact with more people. She rated the event a 9/10! This was both the Freshmen and Sophomores first dance, and it seemed like a success! What did you think of the first dance of the year? Let the Bear Truth Newspaper know in the comments or at our instagram, @prhs_bear_truth !!