Riley Jones Wins Boettcher Scholarship


Senior, Riley Jones.

The Boettcher is an extremely difficult and widely known scholarship that hundreds of Coloradan students apply to every year. According to the official website for the scholarship, the scholarship was started as a way for the Boettcher family to give back to Colorado. Out of the many applicants, only 42 students are awarded the scholarship each year. Palmer Ridge is ecstatic that one of our own seniors were chosen.

Riley Jones (12) has been an outstanding student all four years of her high school career. Athletically and academically successful, Riley has participated on the basketball and soccer team, Friends of Rachel, National Honors Society, RAD (Real Alternative to Drugs and Drinking), Science Olympiad and SEW Coalition (Social Emotional Wellness Coalition). Moreover, she is currently the Student Body President and started an all-girls elementary school STEM club with Tessa Rothwell (12). Throughout the process she was also able to have more insight due to her grandmother also winning the scholarship when she was in high school.

“My grandma and I had always talked about the scholarship and briefly mentioned it when I was telling her about college, but she had never directly pressured me to apply! She was always so supportive of whatever I wanted to do! Throughout the whole process, she was so encouraging and proud of each step I reached towards getting the scholarship. It was incredible to have her insight and constant support!” Jones said.

Although the wait to finding out whether she was chosen or not was hard, Riley had constant support of her family. “I was quite nervous and didn’t know exactly what to expect during that time. I mostly tried not to think about it to much, and maintain the attitude of whatever happens, happens! I knew that if I was meant to get it, I would, but if not, it would be okay! After the interview, which was virtual, there was some more waiting (even more stressful) until I received a letter in the mail towards the end of March letting me know I had received a scholarship!”

Riley has made the decision to use this scholarship to attend Colorado State University of Fort Collins majoring in either Environmental Design, Environmental Engineering or Chemical Engineering.

Pick up a magazine to read a more in-depth explanation from Riley on winning the scholarship!