Our Upcoming Principal: Dr Frank


Photo by Luxe Palmer

With Dr Bramschreiber leaving, a new era is dawning on Palmer Ridge High School, headed by our new principal, Dr Adam Frank. Dr Frank hails from Miamisburg, Ohio and is moving to Monument to fill the position. 

Having gotten his doctorate in philosophy and specializing in educational leadership at Miami University, Dr Frank moved back to his former high school to teach grades 6-12, coach varsity hockey, then eventually enter into administration, becoming a Dean of Students. “I left that school, which is where I grew up, because I was ready to go into administration and there wasn’t an opportunity at the time,” said Dr Frank. “Switching schools has been a great experience for me, because I’ve really gotten to see differences and it’s also helped me be comfortable meeting new people. Coming into this school new, I feel comfortable, because I’ve left schools and come to new schools- although, I plan on staying here for hopefully a very long time.”

Dr Frank moved on to become an athletic director and assistant principal at a small school of only 600 students before returning to Miamisburg High School to become assistant principal to MHS’s 1600 students. “…One thing that’s really characterized my life is being very intentional about people and developing those relationships. I’ll always miss those as I move on but I look forward to the new ones I’m gonna make here,” Dr Frank said.

As for his plans as principal, Dr Frank is prioritizing success and relationships, building lasting memories, solving problems, and making the most of the four years students have in high school. “I’m passionate about helping people solve problems. I actually enjoy that, so I think there’ll be a lot of things we can all be proud of, and I don’t even know what those things are yet.” Dr Frank continues, “Those are important things in life– your memories are connected to your experiences, and all of that is rooted with relationships. Leading in a way where that is the centerpiece of everything will benefit good decision, good instruction.”

As for his plans for next school year (2021-2022), Dr Frank is hopeful that COVID will be behind us. “I’ve talked about you have four years in high school, so whether it be a dance, or it be just being close to students and getting to work in groups… I’m anxious for the time when we can move back to that,” he said. Next year, we can be sure to look forward to opportunities, such as dances and assemblies, that we missed this past year. 

Dr Frank is bringing his entire family to Monument and plans on living in the community, rather than commuting. His seventh-grade son and fourth-grade daughter will also be attending schools in the district next year. “I’m pretty familiar with Colorado, so I’m looking forward to the sun, my family does a lot of outdoor stuff, so I’m obviously looking forward to the outdoors,” Dr Frank said. “We’re a big sports family too, so we’re looking forward to getting our kids on sports teams here and getting involved in that.”

We are all thrilled to see what is in store next year for Dr Frank and PRHS. Dr Frank gave a last bit of advice to students, saying, “One thing that is important to me that I say a lot to high school students is [that] this time in your life, you are shaping who you will become. You will make mistakes, it’s part of the learning, but take this time to really develop your identity and who you want to be long-term. To have that guide, the decisions you make in terms of how hard you work at things, and in terms of what choices you make… socially and with friends… The guide for all those decisions is who you really want to be as a person.”