PRHS Knowledge Bowl Team Goes to State Championship


Photo by PRHS Website

The Knowledge Bowl team lines up for a picture after their divison win.

The PRHS Knowledge Bowl team isn’t letting anything hold them back this year as they victoriously qualify for the 2021 State Championship and place fourth at their Regional Qualifiers. The team, lead by captain Lukas Blake (12) and staff sponsor Bill Brady, has persevered through consistent technology issues and has still come out as one of the top schools in their division.

Knowledge Bowl is an academic trivia club that engages schools across the state in competitions. “It’s sort of like Jeopardy. Our teams compete in tournaments against [other] teams… answering questions about anything from poetry to chemistry to geography to meteorology” said Zoe Johnson (11), a dedicated member of the club for three years now.

As you can imagine, this past year has challenged the club to come up with an effective way to compete safely. Blake explains how tumultuous the year has truly been… “This year we competed in virtual tournaments through Discord, which allowed us to compete in online chat rooms with other teams. It was definitely a learning curve and there were a lot of internet issues for every team all year” he said. Diya Suri (10), a talented member of Knowledge Bowl for two years, expresses gratitude for the opportunities the team had this year. “…we typically just come into school on Saturdays and compete virtually from here with other teams! We were lucky we were able to come otherwise we’d have to be on an additional Google Meet” she said.

Even though they were able to maintain team morale, Regionals did not go as smoothly as they had hoped… “At Regionals, we had a lot of technical difficulties and there was confusion with the rules… but we’re hoping to avoid those issues at state,” said Blake. However, even these difficulties were no match for the strength of the team. “We placed fourth in our region out of about 15 qualifiers, but we were only a couple of points away from first,” he said.

Johnson also reveals how impressive their achievements have truly been… “Unfortunately, there is no national competition for Knowledge Bowl, so State is really as high as we can go…” she said. The State tournament is on March 15th and 16th. We have no doubt that the Knowledge Bowl team will make us proud. Good luck Bears!