Sticks, Goggles and Grass: The Field Hockey Season Starts

It is March 8th and the Tryouts for the Field Hockey season start again today! After all the changes made this year, Sports Season C is finally about to begin and the coaches, as well as the team, are ready to play! Head coach of the field hockey team, Coach Cuccino says, “I am excited to start! The most exciting part is that everyone is so excited to get back on the field and compete!”

Of course, the Field Hockey season is a little different in various ways. “With the COVID rules, I just remind my team that if they don’t follow the rules, we are more likely to be shut down and will have to cancel games, and we want to play as many games as possible”, said Coach Cuccio. “Some changes we have to get used to because of COVID is wearing a mask while we’re outside with everyone and having to check in every time we go to practice,” Barbara Grueter (9), who plays her first field hockey season this year, added.

However, the season itself got affected by the current circumstances as well. Field hockey is usually a fall sport, which was pushed back into spring. “The season being in the spring had really altered how we practice and how much pre-season prep we could have. Also with sports seasons overlapping, we have girls that are still in season so we haven’t had everyone at practice. Also, as we know, spring in Colorado is really just an extension of winter and usually, in the fall, we aren’t as affected by the weather”, Olivia Tighe, who is playing her fourth year of field hockey, said.

“Usually for field hockey, we play all the teams in the state, because we have such a small league. But this year, there are three different conferences consisting of five teams in each to limit exposure. We will play Colorado Academy, Arapahoe, Liberty, and Cheyenne Mountain twice along with Mountain Vista, who is our crossover game,” Coach Cuccio continued.

With this being said, field hockey is now set for the upcoming competition season starting the week of March 15th. Coach Cuccio’s plan for the season is “to continue competing at a high level against the top teams in the state and be able to limit exposure as much as possible so that it doesn’t shorten our season. Our first game is March 16th against Cheyenne Mountain and ends on April 27th, hopefully with the state championship.” If you are interested in more information on the field hockey season and games, you can go to the field hockey page on the PRHS website!