Coming Back 100%- The Views of the Freshmen

Photo taken by Taylor Goss

Since COVID-19 shut the schools down last March and school hasn’t been “normal” since then, Palmer Ridge’s freshman still haven’t truly experienced what a “full week” of high school is like. As PRHS is slowly going back to full in-person learning very soon, the freshman gave their opinion on the new style of learning.

Sydney Cowan (09) is very glad that Palmer Ridge is going back full time. She said, “It brings the community together and allows us to meet the other people [in the other cohort] and finally feel a sense of normalcy.” For Cowan, there a lot of benefits to going back and no downsides to it. “The benefits for going back for me is just being able to pay more attention and get more work done because online was a struggle for me. I wasn’t understanding all the concepts and now I’ll be able to focus and learn more. I also get to be more outgoing and meet the people from the other cohort,” she said.

During the time of hybrid and online learning, technological problems have been an issue for many, including Kameron Baker (9). He said, “Some of the benefits for me [of going back fully in-person] are that I will be with more of my friends and that I can turn my stuff into the teachers as a physical piece of paper without the hassle of Canvas, [the online schooling application].” Some of the downsides that Baker addressed was that the classrooms will be more crowded and that lunch would be busier, making it more difficult to find a table. Other than those two downsides, he believes going fully back in person will be better than the hybrid schedule.

“I am excited for all in-person learning. As a freshman, I don’t know what PRHS is like normally, and I am excited to be taking steps towards seeing that. Coming back in person is a step towards normalcy. I am worried that there might be an outbreak, setting us back, but if we try our best to be careful, I think we can finish the year with full in-person, even with the juniors and seniors at school.”

-Marian Griffiths (09)

As many have said, returning to full in-person learning is a step towards normalcy, avoids technological issues that were occurring, allows focusing on school to be easier, and allows the freshmen to finally see what a “normal” week looks like here at Palmer Ridge. Yes, there are obvious dangers to going back to full in-person, like more crowding, which leads to no social distancing, and the probability of getting quarantined seems higher. However, it is clear that to the freshmen, the benefits outweigh the deficits.