Striving for Snowball: StuCo’s Attempt at Normalcy


With COVID-19 impacting the majority of normal events in school, Palmer Ridge’s Student Council is trying their best to give the student body as fun of a year as possible. There are usually two dances and the annual Make-A-Wish fundraiser during the second semester, so how will those be affected by COVID-19, and how will StuCo step up to take on the challenges?

The Rocky Mountains, the idea behind this year’s snowball theme. Photo by Mallory Sale

Snowball is traditionally a semiformal dance in February, with a Snowball court nominated and voted for by PR students, but this year it might be more “snow” than “ball!” With the theme being “A Trip to the Mountains,” snowflakes and ski gear are an important part of decorations, spirit wear, and the dance itself. Student Council set up decorations at the front of the school to hype students up with some glittering snowflakes and streamers!

The PRHS foyer on February 17th, 2021. Photo by Mallory Sale

Along with decorations, StuCo gave students two spirit days, with Tuesday and Wednesday being “Stay in the Cabin (PJ’s) or Hit the Slopes (ski gear)” and Friday and Monday being “Ski Colors” (class colors listed in the photo below).

A poster made by the Student Council. Photo by Mallory Sale

The dance was on Saturday, February 20th at Don Breese stadium from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. “Although COVID has prevented us from having our traditional dances that we all know and love, we wanted to put on some form of modified dance to provide an opportunity for people to go out and have fun,” said Riley Jones, the Student Body President.

Jones addressed the issue of cohorts during the dance, saying, “Cohorts will have separate ticket designs so that we can verify at each entrance that they are from the correct cohort. During the dance, we will make sure that no one is crossing the boundary. “

Katie Miller (10) and Lawson McVay (10). Photo courtesy of Emily Miller (10)

There were 2 winners for each grade in the Snowball Court, with the freshmen being Maddox McCue and Gabby Newman, sophomores Lawson McVay and Katie Miller, juniors Luke Weir and Anna Salek, and Seniors Garrett Villett and Riley Jones.

From left to right: Diya Suri (10), Amber Wright (11), Grace Weitzel (10), and Amaya Taylor (10). Photo by Amber Wright

Overall, the dance seemed to go quite well, and students enjoyed it. Snow and wind made things chilly, but students wrapped up in scarves, hats, and coats. There were some games available, including soccer and football, along with spikeball! Although there was a lack of hot cocoa, the dance and spirit week were a success overall.