An Ode to 2020

Let’s go back in time to December 31, 2019. It’s 11:59 pm and the best year of our lives is going to start in 10 seconds. You’re with your family, friends, or strangers, laughing and reminiscing about 2019. Laughing at the good times. Thinking about the bad times. 

3… 2… 1! 2020. The year that everyone has been waiting for. 

The year that seniors are graduating. 

The year that couples are going to stand on an altar in front of all their friends and family and say “I do.”

The year athletes are going to break records and make history at their schools.

The year that the older generation is going to retire after working hard for the majority of their lives. 

2020: the year of amazing things.

The year of World War III memes. The year of #LLKobeandGianna. The year of Covid-19. 

The year of canceled sports. The year of conspiracy theories. The year of Black Lives Matter. The year of George Floyd. The year of Brianna Taylor. The year of Ahmaud Arbery.

The year of #LLChadwickBoseman and #WakandaForever. The year of Blue Lives Matter. 

The year of MAGA. The year of killer bees. The year of online learning.

The year of social distancing. The year of masks. The year of losing loved ones. 

The year of struggles. The year of losing businesses. The year of losing homes. 

The year of hoarding, of empty aisles of toilet paper. The year of TikTok.

The year of virtual holidays and birthdays, of isolation and separation. 

The year of long-distance relationships. 

The year of depression.

The year of overcoming. The year of patience. The year of forced family bonding. The year of board games. The year of understanding. The year of adapting. The year of change.

2020 changed everything. Weddings were postponed or held in backyards. 

Graduations were postponed or even cancelled. 

Some people could not retire because bills went up. Some people got laid off.

Americans were frustrated, but through all of the mess, turmoil and change, we made it. 

I feel like I just graduated from one of the hardest years of my life. Here’s to everyone who made the most out of 2020. Who found the bright spots amidst the darkness. Who found reasons to love and care. 

2020 was harsh. But it provided growth, taught valuable lessons.

It opened our eyes to many issues in our society and in our own homes. 

So thank you, 2020. 

Thank you for teaching us, thank you for pushing us to our limits and bettering 一 most of us. 

But most importantly, thank you for ending. 

A short ode to 2020, the worst year of our lives.