The Curtain Opens Again!


Photo by Tanja Pohl

It has been a while since the Palmer Ridge community has seen their Drama Club perform one of their wonderful plays on the stage, which used to be so full of life!

Starting in March 2020, the planned spring show called the “Radium Girls” as well as the annual fall musical was postponed. The annual play was also canceled due to Covid-19 regulations and was instead replaced with a few one-acts, which could be streamed online.

Now, however, the Drama club got permission to hold their annual musical: Urinetown is on the agenda this year… and it has already started production! Urinetown is a satirical comedy musical that criticizes different aspects of society based on its own humor and thus needs expressive characters. In the search for all of the necessary directors and young actors, singers, as well as dancers came together to the auditions on January 19th, 20th, and 21st! All attendees gave their best and just one day later on Friday, the 22nd of January, the cast for the musical was announced and rehearsals could start!

Mr. Belk is excited for the upcoming time, saying “It is great to be able to do something that is sort of normal, even if it is not all the way normal.” The Drama Club also takes several precautions to be safe during rehearsals. “We do have to make certain considerations. We have to track symptoms, similar to sports. We have to distance and wear masks during rehearsal. We need to incorporate that distancing in our movement on-stage,” said Mr. Belk.

Also, by taking a look into the future, there are some questions yet to be decided on: “We will have very small live audiences–if we are able to have any live audience.¬†We are planning on a digital distribution, but are not sure how that will be delivered at this point.” But however, until the first performance on April 10th, there is still time to decide and see how everything will work out!

And even with these limitations in mind, we are all looking forward to watching this Musical grow! “Right now we have just started rehearsals with the actors,” said Mr. Belk. During the next three months, the acting, as well as the singing, must be rehearsed, costumes need to be made, the set must be built, and the lights and the sound need to be set up. But really the most important factor is fun! Anticipation is already there, regardless of if it will be live on stage or live at home.