I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Lolley’s Ice Cream!


In 2020, we realized the importance of supporting our local, small businesses here in Monument when COVID-19 hit. A new small business called Lolley’s Ice Cream has recently come to Monument. Here is everything there is to know about our new ice cream shop!

At the moment, Lolley’s is not officially open. Shelley Sapp, the founder of Lolley’s, said, “We’ll have an official grand opening in the spring, likely near the end of the school year. But we had a “soft” opening a few weeks ago where we started selling sundae kits to go, as well as pints and quarts of a few flavors, baked goods, and espresso drinks. We’re hoping to start selling individual scoops in the next few weeks.” This grand opening would sure be a great way to start off the summer!

Like it was mentioned earlier, Lolley’s is currently selling pints of their ice cream. At the moment, they have eight flavors: Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Graham Slam, Almond Milk Latte (which is dairy-free), Cookies and Cream, Mint Cookie, regular Chocolate, and Strawberry’s My Jam. The reason that they have such a limited variety right now is that they make and pasteurize their own ice cream. For those of you who don’t know, the Google definition of pasteurizing is “subject (milk, wine, or other products) to a process of partial sterilization, especially one involving heat treatment or irradiation, thus making the product safe for consumption and improving its keeping quality.” This pasteurizing process takes place right here in Colorado for Lolley’s.

Photo taken by Taylor Goss

“We wanted to offer products that are free of preservatives and that use fresh, all-natural ingredients. By starting from scratch we’re able to know where every ingredient comes from and can achieve a product that we’d be proud to serve our own family,” Sapp said on why they decided to make their own ice cream. Once they are officially open, she said that they will have 16-20 flavors stocked.

Photos taken by Taylor Goss

Lolley’s Ice Cream Review

Over the weekend, my mom, sister, and I were able to pay a visit to Lolley’s and it was amazing! First of all, it is the cutest ice cream shop I have ever seen. It has fun accent colors that add such a cute and playful vibe to it. In addition to it being super cute, the ice cream is really good! I had the Mint Cookie ice cream it was perfect. It was very creamy and had a sufficient amount of cookie chunks mixed in. My mom tried it and agreed with me that it was very, very good. My little sister got the plain chocolate and also was very satisfied with her choice.

As it was previously mentioned, Lolley’s also has baked goods. We went the classic route and tried the chocolate chip cookies. These cookies were the best chocolate chip cookies that I had ever tried. The chocolate chips were still gooey and the cookie was the perfect amount of softness. It was like a cookie from Heaven. Since the whole family wasn’t able to come on this adventure, we brought home a pint of Cookies and Cream for them. It was pretty good on its own, but was perfect with some added Hershey’s chocolate sauce and whipped cream. In conclusion, my adventure to Lolley’s Ice Cream was amazing and I highly recommend it to all of my fellow ice cream lovers!