The Last Game


Photo by Madissyn Moore

The Bears fiercely running onto the field for the last time of their season.

By Madissyn Moore, Reporter

On Friday, December 4th, Palmer Ridge’s Varsity football team played at the 4A State Championship against Loveland High School. This season was not normal in many ways. COVID-19 caused the team to put extra precautions in place to ensure the players were safe and the football team moved up from division 3A to division 4A.

Since the announcement of the division change was made, many people did not think Palmer Ridge could compete at a higher level. Palmer Ridge came into division 4A expecting to place 7th overall but after a few games, they made their way to third place. People did not expect them to do well enough to make the playoffs, and the team themselves definitely did not think they would go to the State Championship, but in fact, they did just that.

In an interview, the head coach Tom Pulford said that he “told the seniors, win or lose in this game, they’ve left the program better than they found it.” The Bears came out with amazing energy, ready to play their last game of the season, and for some, their high school career. Unfortunately, Loveland won with a score of 42-6.

Pulford said that he was “very proud of our young men [and] proud of our seniors. There was 9 minutes and 48 seconds left and I still felt like we had a chance to win it. Maybe that’s delusional [but] that’s all I want to be. I don’t want to be in the spot where I think we’re going to lose the ball game.”

He continued to say, “We’re competing in a league that’s bigger than we are and the fact that we’ve gone as far as we did… you can be proud of some of the things we’ve done.”

Their first and only touchdown was made in the third quarter by Marcellus Reed (12). The Bears never gave up and played with vivacity until the last second of the game.

Quarterback Luke McAllister(12) was not open to be interviewed after the game but he later took to social media to make a statement. “I will forever be grateful for Palmer Ridge and their coaching staff. I went to Palmer Ridge knowing something special was happening there, and I was right. I am blessed to be a part of 4 State championships and [to have won] 3. This program has made me the player and person I am today.” He goes on to thank coaches, the senior class, and the team’s supporters.

Luke McAllister and Marcellus Reed kneel together after the national anthem.

It was a very heartbreaking loss for the seniors, parents and coaches. At the end of the game, the players turned to the stands to face their parents and raised their helmets in the air as a thank you. Their parents applauded them and the Bears walked off the field for the last time.