Everything You Need to Know About Finals

By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter

After going to fully online learning for the rest of the semester, many significant changes were made by PRHS regarding finals and grade policies. Since there is some confusion regarding the changes that were made, here’s everything you need to know about finals this semester.

Finals are not officially canceled.

According to Dr. Bramschreiber, there was no official policy put in place regarding finals this semester. However, teachers are encouraged to have a “culminating educational experience” (e.g. projects, essays, etc.) instead of a cumulative test. Teachers are still allowed to give final tests but they are required to have the test count as a regular assessment. Additionally, any “final” test/project given will not be weighted as 20% of a student’s cumulative grade.

Yes, the common assessment category has been removed from Infinite Campus.

No, this change will not affect grades in any way. District 38 simply decided that since finals will not be weighed the same, it was unnecessary to include the common assessment category that the final would have been placed in.

“We understand the stress and different learning environment that came with this year. It made sense to eliminate a high-stakes activity like a 20% weighted final,” said Dr. Bramschreiber via an email interview. We wish everyone good luck on all final tests and assignments!