The Go-To Station: Holiday Traditions Edition


Photo by Taylor Goss

By Taylor Goss, Reporter

Well, the holidays are finally here and it is time for students’ families to celebrate their favorite holiday traditions. So, I interviewed a couple of them to learn about what their family does.

Markus Nay (11) has several traditions that he usually celebrates with his family on Christmas Eve. “Well, every year on Christmas Eve, we go see a new movie at the movie theater,” Nay said. Some of the movies he has seen with this tradition are Aqua-Man, The Hobbit, and several Star Wars movies. Another tradition that he has is to eat a certain German dinner on Christmas Eve. He doesn’t remember the name of it, so he described it to me. “I don’t remember the name, but it’s basically frying this certain German cheese and putting it on bread with ham and some other things. We also put it on potatoes,” Nay said. Honestly, that sounds really good. He has been able to celebrate these traditions with his family for about eight years now.

Like Markus Nay, Ruby Bales (10) also has family traditions that she has been celebrating for about eight years. “Every Christmas Eve, we each open one gift and we get to choose which gift it is. We also always get matching pajamas, including my dogs, which is a little bit crazy,” Bales said. Some gifts that she has opened on Christmas Eve are pajamas, weights, and socks since her parents leave the bigger presents to open on Christmas Day. In addition to these traditions, Bales’s family watches the movie Love Actually every year on Christmas Eve because it is her family’s all-time favorite Christmas movie.

In my family, we have a lot of Christmas traditions that we celebrate each year. Some of these are to hang out with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, where we either re-enact or just read the Nativity from the Bible. We also typically go see a movie on Christmas Eve, usually, Star Wars, like Markus Nay and his family do. We then get to spend Christmas day with my dad’s side of the family, where we enjoy a gift exchange between the cousins. We also go up to the mountains and cut down our Christmas tree and then decorate it together that night.

What I love about traditions is that they happen usually every year and you get to see how they evolve as the years go by. Even though COVID-19 may have messed our plans or caused them to be altered, it is amazing that we are still able to celebrate many of these traditions with our families.