It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Starbucks


The end of the year is near, with disastrous 2020 getting left behind, and that means the jolly holiday season is fast approaching. The best part about this time? Starbucks, obviously. The franchise has an iconic way of celebrating the holidays through themed cups, decorated stores, and limited-time drinks.

Colored menus with holiday favorites are put up right after Halloween

Their seasonal drinks this year are a chestnut praline latte, caramel brulée latte, toasted white chocolate mocha frappuccino, and eggnog latte. Also, pumpkin spice has returned to finish off the year strong.

This year’s holiday thermoses and cups on display.

The Christmas display is more simple this year, with the cups and thermoses mostly sticking to one color per cup. These colors include red, green, gold, and silver. There are some shiny, matte, sparkly, textured, gradient, and patterned ones to choose from. They are all absolutely beautiful, although all of the thermoses are still handwash-only, but their design makes up for the extra effort! They also have many bags of Christmas coffee to choose from, which make great gifts along with a cup.

A tasty holiday recommendation out of chalk markers.

There is a new scone on the Starbucks menu! It is cranberry-orange and quite tasty. It pairs well with all holiday hot drinks, as does the ever-classic cranberry bliss bar. Along with these treats, there is now salted peppermint bark at the counter. With so many snacks to choose from for Christmas, who can decide on just one?

Christmas gift cards, snacks, and coffee.
The infamous cranberry bliss bar surrounded by sandwiches.

Whether a pandemic rages or not, Starbucks always comes through with their Christmas stock and spirit! They put lots of effort into decorating and keeping the stores clean. Show the barista’s some love this year and stop by your nearest Starbucks for a cup of holiday cheer. Stay safe and stay warm, and happy holidays!