Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween!


Photo by Amber Wright

Amaya Taylor (10, left) and Diya Suri (10, right) hand out candy to kids at the Trunk-or-Treat.

By Amber Wright, Co-Editor-in-Chief

For Halloween this year, the Student Council at Palmer Ridge held a drive-through Trunk-or-Treat event so that kids could still go out and get candy during the spooky season. The Trunk-or-Treat happened on Halloween afternoon, and about fifteen clubs were present.

“We started [planning] probably a month ago. We wanted to make sure that not only were we separating cohorts, but we also had the Covid guidelines in place, and something that would be fun for kids and the community,” said Mrs. Wheeler, StuCo Adviser.

The upper parking lot was split into two sections, one lane for Cohort A and one for Cohort B, and members of the community were able to loop through the parking lot. Club members wore protective gloves while they handed candy to the kids in the cars driving by. Mrs. Schleiker was a supervisor at the event, saying, “I know Mrs. Wheeler did so much planning to make sure the cohorts are separated, the community feels safe…. I certainly know that a lot has gone into keeping people safe.”

PR students hand out candy to cars driving by. All photos by Amber Wright.

Fifteen clubs were present and some clubs had multiple cars, so there were about twenty trunks at the Trunk-or-Treat. From spooky spiderwebs to farm animals to Disney princesses, all of the clubs had amazing themes for their trunks. “I think [the trunks are] amazing. Some are really, really creative. I like that they have different themes and everybody kind of did something unique, so that’s really cool,” said Mrs. Wheeler.

Most of the people driving by were parents with their children, and the costumes were amazing. Some kids were dressed up as their favorite superhero or Disney princess, others wore anything from a zombie costume to a fairy. Some kids even wore large inflatable costumes, which were super fun to see.

Despite the challenges of planning a safe in-person event during the pandemic, the Student Council managed to pull it off. The kids looked happy to be able to trick-or-treat this year on Halloween. “Maybe not a lot of trick-or-treating will happen tonight. I think that this is their trick-or-treating and that’s why they’re so happy,” said Aliah Clarke, a junior at Palmer Ridge.

Overall, the Trunk-or-Treat was a fun experience for everyone involved. “I’m getting really good vibes,” said Morgan Scarsbrook, Junior Body Vice President. “The clubs seem excited, everyone seems super pumped and ready to hand out candy and do something nice for the community while having fun.”

“I hope that [the community members are] excited. I hope that they realize how much we still want to do events and put things on as much as we can, and that even though these are difficult times, we’re doing the best that we can at Palmer Ridge,” said Mrs. Wheeler.