Safely Celebrating the Spooky Season


By Alayna Temple, Reporter

With raising decorations of the dead and dressing up for candy, who could ask for a better holiday? Halloween has come and gone quickly this year, but that does not mean it was wasted. Due to COVID still tearing about, there was an adaptive response this season with more decorations and fewer kids going around the block.

Zombies, Cobwebs, 12-Foot-Skeletons, Oh My!

Decorations were flying off the shelf this year, with people figuring if they couldn’t trick-or-treat, then they might as well cover their house in fake cobwebs and surround it with zombies. Well, in this case, there were fewer zombies and more 12-foot tall skeletons.

12-Foot Tall Skeleton From Home Depot

Home Depot really pulled out the big guns with this one, but that’s not all. With hundreds of popular decorations to choose from, Home Depot made a “killing” this year.

Trick-Or-Treating, COVID Style

This year’s costumes involved a lot of hazmat suits, plaque doctors, and COVID viruses. Some wore face masks while outside and others had social distancing candy bags. Some houses had bowls of candy outside with plastic baggies of 5 or more pieces of candy for kids to grab one. This worked out well since the kids get their candy but don’t touch all of it and those passing them out don’t have to touch them either.

Holographic skull candy bowl

Pumpkins in a Pandemic

Pumpkin carving anyone? Pumpkins were pretty popular this year since it’s a pandemic-approved and nostalgically traditional way to celebrate. With practically every store selling them and fall farms producing fields upon fields of them, it was a pretty successful season for them, I’d say.

While the holiday wasn’t quite what we expected, it was nice to enjoy a scary movie at home while pigging out on candy. There wasn’t as much to do but next year’s sure to allow for a more classic Halloween. With costume parties and trick-or-treating in the future, who can wait a whole year?!