The Go-To Station: Snack Food Edition


Photo credits from left to right: Taylor Goss, Grace Wagnon

By Taylor Goss

I know that we are no longer in elementary school, meaning that we don’t have designated snack times anymore. But, I believe that snacks are something that even, or especially, high schoolers can appreciate- whether that being sneaking them into class, eating during passing periods, or while we do our homework at home.

Grace Wagnon (10) has a sweet tooth when it comes to snacks. Generally, she prefers to snack on her homemade cookies. “I like them because they’re homemade and are usually soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside,” Wagnon said. I have to agree with her on that because I have had her cookies, and that is exactly what they are … perfect.

Sweet snacks are also popular with John Clawson (10). His all-time favorite go-to snack is fruit snacks. I can’t blame him because fruit snacks are so good- they are like candy! I’m starting to notice a theme here, because sweet snacks are also my favorite kind of snacks.

For me, I snack all the time. When I’m doing my online schoolwork, I’m snacking. As soon as I get to dance after school, I snack. I would honestly consider snacking as a hobby of mine. I also have a variety of go-to snacks and it all really depends on my mood. But, some of my favorites are Original Cheez-Its, Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn popcorn, and green apples with caramel. I think that the main reason that I love Cheez-Its so much is that my mom refused to buy them when I was younger and insisted on only buying Goldfish, which are good but are nothing compared to Cheez-Its. But, she finally caved, and I now always have a stash of them in the pantry. I went on vacation back in June, and we were all allowed to get a couple of road trip snacks, and so I chose Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn popcorn, and now it is one of my favorite snack foods. It’s really great for movies and a great solution for when I’m craving something sweet, but not too sweet. As for the green apple and caramel, that is what I consider my “healthy” snack.

Whether you snack at midnight or during the day, here are a few suggestions to satisfy your sweet snack cravings.