Review: Among Us

By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter

There is one impostor among us. Your hands shake as you connect two wires together. Red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow, then– DEAD BODY REPORTED. “It was Cyan,” a player says. “No, I saw Orange vent,” says another. The discussion continues frantically until all the players have voted to eject Purple, who apparently faked emptying the trash. As you see their body float out into space, words appear across your screen. “Purple was not An Impostor. One Impostor remains.”

The mobile sci-fi deduction game Among Us has swept the world in a frenzy the same way Animal Crossing: New Horizons did back in March. However, Among Us is nothing like the wholesome Nintendo life simulation game, with astronauts instead of animals and impostors instead of island getaways. The goal of Among Us is simple: you and your fellow crewmates have to fix your spaceship and catch the murderous impostor before they kill everyone. And if you’re the impostor, your goal is to kill as many crewmates as possible (without getting caught) before the ship gets fixed and people begin to suspect you.

Half the Bear Truth staff agreed to play a round for this article.

In my humble opinion, Among Us is the perfect child of Clue and Mafia1, offering what both games wished they were. In Clue, a classic whodunit board game, players have to deduce who the killer is, where they did it, and what the murder weapon is. In Mafia, a party game, a killer is picked by the storyteller, and after the killer picks a victim, the other players have to figure out who the killer is.

However, in both aforementioned games, there’s much to be desired. With Clue, for example, the player doesn’t always know that they’re the killer, making the game (usually) sort of dull. I believe Clue could be improved significantly if the player knew that they were the killer. And with Mafia, there isn’t much evidence to prove that someone is or isn’t the killer; it’s more reliant on the lying skills of the killer.

But with Among Us, not only does the impostor (killer) know who they are, but there is also potential evidence that can lead to the discovery of the impostor, such as venting, not doing visual tasks, and being caught in a lie.

Also, it’s set in space, so it doesn’t get any better than that.

The game also offers a variety of customization options for players, with the color of your spacesuit and your hat being free options, and other clothing and a small companion being paid options (yes I know babies are expensive in real life, but is it too much to ask for the mini astronauts to be free?).

Many players have go-to customization options; mine is usually a yellow spacesuit with a green plant hat.

There’s also an in-game chat that allows players to talk to other players before the round starts as well as when the discussion begins on who the impostor is, which happens if a dead body is reported or someone calls an Emergency Meeting. And depending on how classy the host wants players to be, there are options to censor certain words in the chat, which comes in handy if one plays a public round with their young and impressionable siblings. If a certain player repeatedly shows undesirable behavior, the host of the round can kick or ban them from the game.

Voting is often very difficult with a small group of players.

Players can choose to play a private round with just their friends, a public round with complete strangers, or a mix of both friends and strangers. I personally prefer to play with my friends for a variety of reasons, but mainly because strangers sometimes leave immediately if they don’t get the role they want of recent hacking/spamming in the Among Us community as the game has gotten more popular.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a “gamer”, I still have a lot of fun playing Among Us. It’s an extremely entertaining game that’s definitely worth the hype. With three maps to choose from and an almost endless combination of game settings, it’s hard to get bored playing Among Us. It’s great for testing your detective skills, hanging out with friends, or just passing the time.

1 Although it’s also known as Werewolf, I always called the game Mafia, and after conducting a poll via the Bear Truth Instagram (@prhs_bear_truth), it seems like more people know it by the name Mafia.