Colorado Endorsements


Photo by Luxe Palmer

By Luxe Palmer and Amber Wright

The following editorial is the opinion of the Co-Editors-in-Chief, Luxe Palmer and Amber Wright, and does not represent the views of The Bear Truth, Palmer Ridge High School, or the Lewis-Palmer School District.

We have chosen to cover the two main candidates for each position (Republican and Democrat, unless otherwise noted), as the other party candidates did not have enough viable information on their campaign.

For the U.S Senate position, currently held by Cory Gardner (R), the BT Editors-in-Chief formally endorse former governor John Hickenlooper (D). Hickenlooper is committed to providing low-cost health care for all, reforming gun restrictions (such as more secure background checks, higher prevention of gun trafficking, and the establishment of a national magazine limit), ensuring COVID-19 economic care includes low-income and minority neighborhoods, prioritizing climate change control, as well as protecting reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights. Cory Gardner, on the other hand, does not recognize the issues with gun violence and does not address the importance of climate change, reproductive, and LGBTQ+ rights. For these reasons, among others, we believe Hickenlooper is the best choice for the Colorado U.S. Senate position.

For the U.S House Colorado District 5 position, currently held by Doug Lamborn (R), we formally endorse candidate Jillian Freeman (D). Freeman’s policies on health care (ensure effective reproductive, mental, addiction, disability, and other care without deductibles, copays, and bureaucracy), reproductive rights, the economy (revamping the strategies used after the Great Depression to create jobs, regulate wages, and lengthen paid leave for families), the electoral system (banishing the Electoral College, for instance) are outstanding and innovative. Her policy on the Second Amendment, as a firearm owner herself, is the perfect balance between gun rights and gun restrictions. Freeman proposes to expand access to mental health care, enforce federal background checks, and create a buyback program with fair market rates. She also believes in full LGBTQ+ rights, including allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military, as well as immigration reform to allow safe citizenship and keep families together, and reforming the criminal justice program to focus on rehabilitation and mental care. Lambourn, on the other hand, does not have nearly enough of a comprehensive plan on multiple issues, such as education, gun rights, and immigration policies. He is against reproductive and abortion rights and believes immigrants are “hundreds of thousands of aliens deliberately violat[ing] our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders.” Jillian Freeman is clearly an outstanding choice for the Colorado District 5 position in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

For the U.S. House Colorado District 4 position, currently held by Ken Buck (R), we formally endorse candidate Issac “Ike” McCorkle (D). McCorkle has reasonable answers to the Second Amendment controversy, including passing the National Safe Storage Act, Licensure and Federal Training Standards Act, Concealed Carry Licensure Standards Act, and extend the Federal Firearms Assault Weapons Training and Licensure Act to standardize licenses across the country with a focus on mental health and domestic violence background checks. In response to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s plans for gun regulation, Ken Buck stated, “I have a message for Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke, if you want to take everyone’s AR-15s in America, why don’t you swing by my office in Washington, D.C. and start with this one. Come and take it.” McCorkle also has distinct plans to help “underwater” homeowners and renters: raise the minimum wage, increase funding for the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund, defend Fair Housing, and repair public housing. There is no information on Buck’s plan to help the impoverished communities. As for immigration policies, McCorkle plans to expand DACA and DAPA, utilize the “Best Interests of the Child” standard, keep immigrant families together using humanitarian parole, and “propose budgets with smart, targeted enforcement that establishes a reasonable and fair wait for citizenship.” In response to immigration, Buck introduced the “No Bailouts for Illegal Aliens Act,” which takes away COVID-19 relief support from undocumented immigrants. McCorkle has the interests of all communities across America in mind, making him the positive choice for Colorado District 4’s Representative. 

For El Paso County Commissioner District 3, currently held by Stan VanderWerf (R), we formally endorse candidate Ken Schauer (D). On his campaign website, Schauer has thorough plans for education, affordable housing, county services, energy, clean water, homelessness, mining practices, and drug abuse, while VanderWerf simply lists his priorities– infrastructure, public safety, county operations, economic development, job opportunities, quality of life, affordable housing, vet and military bases, and civil discourse– without listing proper plans for each. Schauer suggests tiny homes and increased urban density to address housing cost and availability disparages, finding families in jeopardy of homelessness to help them before it comes to that, cleaning mine sites to help restore the land, addressing addiction as a medical problem rather than a “moral failing” and treating it as such, as well as ensuring that the electrical grid across the county is strengthened and sustainable when growing communities. Schauer has reasonable, achievable goals for El Paso County District and is the best choice for the commissioner position. 

For the Colorado House of Representatives District 39, currently held by Mark Baisley (R), we formally endorse candidate Ian Chapman (D). Chapman plans to focus on providing access to preventive and urgent healthcare for every Coloradoan. He wants to introduce bills for childcare and for family leave as well as expanding Colorado’s Medicare and Medicaid programs. Chapman served in combat in Afghanistan and now is head nurse for COVID-19 treatment at UCHealth; he has shown time and time again his dedication to serving the public. Ian Chapman also emphasizes the importance of improving infrastructure in Colorado, including phone and internet utilities, broadband, roads, affordable housing, and public schools. Climate change is a major issue in the modern world, and Chapman plans to promote renewable energy sources and work towards other measures to ensure our environment is preserved for future generations. “Because we have 300 days a year of sunshine. Without a focus on renewable energy, we will run out of finite resources, fossil fuels,” said Ian Chapman about his goal to encourage people to use solar panels and other forms of renewable energy. On the other hand, Mark Baisley has no policies for modern issues on his champaign website, instead choosing to focus on traditional views. “With such aggression against tradition, a dominant liberal media, and the Democratic Party openly embracing socialism, it is easy to become discouraged… we must simply focus on ‘the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’ as stated in America’s founding document,” according to Baisley’s website. Baisley’s solution to modern problems is to stay deep-rooted in tradition and blame the democratic party for failings in society. Ian Chapman has distinct goals and policies that work to better Colorado, so he is the clear choice for Colorado District 39’s representative.

For Colorado House of Representatives District 20, we formally endorse incumbent Terri Carver (R), as opposed to candidate Megan Fossinger (D). Carver has taken large measures to fight against domestic violence, increase domestic violence support programs, and “[increasing] prosecution and criminal penalties for child pornography.” In 2020, Carver has supported legislation for the Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant Program and extending property tax exemptions when seniors move for medical reasons. Megan Fossinger has a good and equal standing with Carver on her platform issues, including education, the environment, health care reform, and criminal justice reform. Both candidates would be successful in the representative position, but the Bear Truth has chosen Terri Carver due to her experience and accomplishments in the position. Carver has served in the House of Representatives for 6 years, and she earned the Woman of Excellence Award 2019 and the Colorado Springs Military Spouse Coalition Award in June 2020. Carver has the experience and the knowledge to execute legislative decisions that Colorado needs.  

For Colorado House of Representatives District 19, we formally endorse incumbent Tim Geitner (R), as opposed to candidate Joe Thompson (D). Geitner puts an emphasis on education, fiscal responsibility, and the free market. Geitner has a professional campaign website that clearly outlines his views and standings that he bases his campaign on, while Thompson has only announced his candidacy and explained his values on his Facebook page. Geitner enthusiastically supports the fight against human trafficking and child abuse and neglect, volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children and conducts Traffic Watch for the organization Exodus Road. He is a small business owner that knows the trials of the American economy from an inside perspective. He has signed onto multiple House bills regarding child safety and rights, such as the Notification of Rights Investigation Child Abuse bill and the Colorado TRAILS System Requirements legislation. With his first-hand perspective on education, economy, and special attention to the fight against human and child trafficking and abuse, Tim Geitner proves himself to be the top choice for Colorado District 19’s House representative.