The Go-To Station: Movies Edition


By Taylor Goss, Reporter

I love to watch movies; it is one of my favorite things to do with my family and my friends. Sometimes, we watch movies that my parents watched as kids and sometimes we watch the brand-new, recently released movies. Regardless, it is almost always an enjoyable experience. And, what’s great about technology is that we have a plethora of platforms that we can watch them on, like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. I also know that there are many others in this school who share a love for movies and wanted to get there opinions on their go-to movies.

Riley Burton (10) loves movies that are directed by Wes Anderson. Some of his movies are The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Rushmore, which is Burton’s favorite. “They are just really artsy movies that are really clever and funny and I really enjoy them,” said Burton about why she loves these movies so much. Along with the artsy and funny genre, she also enjoys watching thrillers. One of her favorites is A Quiet Place because it is fun to watch with friends and family, but is still scary and intense at the same time. I share this love of A Quiet Place with her because it has so much suspense and is captivating. Both Burton and I are excited for the second one to come out.

On a different end, Kameron Baker (09) enjoys watching Marvel and the Star Wars movies because they are funny and overall, good movies. I completely agree with him on that because I also love these movies and they are usually action-packed, while also funny and very entertaining.

I personally have many favorite go-to movies that I enjoy watching. One of these is The Chronicles of Narnia. As a little child, we had that movie recorded onto our family computer, so I watched it a lot and now have a lot of that movie (and some of the ads) memorized. It’s a good movie to watch when you feel nostalgic. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it and it is definitely one that I could watch over and over again. Also, I love to watch anything Disney just because they always brings back fun memories of when I was younger.

Along with watching my favorite childhood movies, I love to watch thriller movies with my friends. Some of my favorites are Split, Insidious, A Quiet Place, and Escape Room. All of these I was able to either watch with my cousin or my friends, which always makes it more enjoyable. These movies were the right amount scary and intense, in my opinion (even though Insidious is a bit cringy).

So, if you love artsy, thriller, action, or nostalgic movies, keep these go-to’s in mind!