Peppermint Ice Cream Is A Summer Food


By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter

The other day, I was at the grocery store when I happened to notice they had a very special item in stock. An item that I had long waited for. An item that should be available much earlier in the year, but isn’t. There it was, sitting behind the foggy glass of the freezer aisle door in its swirling pink and red glory. Peppermint ice cream.

Although peppermint is traditionally considered a “winter” flavor, when it comes to ice cream, peppermint is unarguably, absolutely, conclusively, decidedly, unconditionally, unquestionably- okay, I think you get the point. It’s a summer flavor.

“But if peppermint ice cream isn’t sold during the summer, is it really a summer flavor?” Yes, yes it is. Unfortunately though, most ice cream companies have failed to realize the appeal of selling peppermint ice cream in the summer, because they, like most people, are suffering from the delusion that peppermint is a seasonal flavor and such products should only be sold during winter.

There truly isn’t anything more refreshing than a spoonful of peppermint ice cream on a hot summer day. Strawberry, peach, or any other flavor of ice cream has nothing on the cold flavor of peppermint in summertime. It cools you off much more than any other ice cream could ever hope to.

And while I’m a firm believer in seasonal foods (candy corn should NOT be served outside of the Halloween season, no matter what color it is), peppermint ice cream is the one item that I just have to make an exception for. Because although peppermint itself is a winter flavor, and ice cream is a summer food, when mixed together, they create a heavenly combination that should rightfully be the ruling flavor of summer ice cream.

So, ice cream companies and grocery stores alike, I beg you, please start selling peppermint ice cream in June. Or July. I can compromise. But I can no longer wait until September for what is undoubtedly a summer treat.