The Go-To Station- Restaurant Edition


Photo by Taylor Goss

By Taylor Goss

Here in Monument, Colorado, we have plenty of restaurants to go and eat out or bring home. Some of these include the regular fast-food places, like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Freddy’s, and Arby’s. Alongside these fast-food chains, we do have our own unique places to claim our own, such as Rosie’s Diner, Arlene’s Beans, and The Bistro on 2nd. I wanted to get some of the opinions of my fellow classmates on their go-to restaurants.

William Betts (09) said that his favorite go-to restaurant is Freddy’s. “I love eating burgers and fries with their fry sauce and they have really good customer service,” he said. He enjoys going there with his family and was luckily able to go several times during the quarantine, since they were only closed for a couple of weeks in the beginning. Out of ten, Betts said that he would give them a nine, and thinks that everyone should try it at least once in their life. I completely agree with him on that!

Since Colorado Springs isn’t too far from here, Kenzie Fieber’s (10) favorite restaurant is Drifter’s, down by the Chapel Hills Mall. She loves to eat there for their burgers and shakes at relatively inexpensive prices. She was able to go twice during COVID-19 because of their convenient drive-through. “I definitely would recommend it! The food is great, but not overly expensive, and while it is a little slow, the wait is always worth it,” Fieber said. I had the opportunity to go with her to Drifter’s twice before this pandemic and agree about the food and shakes being so good!

Currently, Jeremiah Craig’s (11) favorite go-to restaurant is Costa Vida. He likes it because there are so many options so that he can order something different each time. Craig also gets to work there! If you decide to go to Costa Vida, maybe you’ll see him there.

Personally, I have several go-to restaurants that I love. This includes Back East, Freddie’s, and In-N-Out. My family and I love to get Back East because they have the Beast, which is a giant pizza. The Beast has been great for parties and just when we feel like eating a lot of pizza. It is also closer than Pizza Hut or Domino’s! I also like Freddy’s because of their smashed patties and their great ice cream treats! Lastly, I recommend going to In-N-Out. Though it doesn’t have a lot of variety, it is fairly cheap for an on-the-go kind of meal. Sadly, the one in Colorado hasn’t opened quite yet, but is planning to do so soon!

Next time you don’t know were to go out to eat, keep in mind these go-to suggestions.