Middle-Schoolers Start Petition for Fully-In-Person Schooling Option


Photo by Photo courtesy of the Palmer Family

Kelly Horky (7, left) and Roxy Palmer(7, right)

By Luxe Palmer, Co-Editor-In-Chief

When the news broke over email that District 38 would no longer hold a fully-in-person option for their schools, instead opting for a hybrid model, Kelly Horky (12 y/o) and Roxy Palmer (12 y/o) took it upon themselves to protest the decision.

A few days after the email was sent to all D-38 families informing them of the hybrid model (alternating two days in school and two days online, with students divided into two cohorts), Horky and Palmer started typing up a Change.org petition asking the district to allow students to attend school in-person for the full week.

“I’d prefer in-person over hybrid because it’s not healthy to be going from school to online every other day. Also, being in person, it allows you to have that structure that helps you learn easier.”

Roxy Palmer (7)

When asked why they chose a petition over, say, emailing or writing the school district directly, Horky stated, “With the petition, its more out-there, and more people can agree or disagree. Also, I’ve tried [emailing] the school district several times and they do not listen.” Palmer agreed, saying, “I thought it would be more effective than trying to write letters and all that because with just letters and emails, they can easily dismiss them. With a petition, and other people actually signing, then they would have to listen.”

The girls have contacted KKTV 11 and KOAA Radio for extra publicity, and both channels agreed to look into the story. Horky and Palmer are also planning on contacting FOX News, CNN, and other TV and radio stations.

“I’d prefer [in-person over hybrid] because we’d only get two days of actual instruction and it doesn’t seem like enough instruction. I want to be in the medical field which requires a lot of education.”

Kelly Horky (7)

“[If we didn’t have five-day school, I would miss] electives and seeing all my friends because those were the things we got to choose this year and that’ll be the first time we ever get to choose our electives,” says Palmer.

As for their reasoning, Horky and Palmer wrote in their petition bio, “Will bouncing between school and the internet interfere with students’ learning? Will the students actually comprehend and be able to test on the material?  Can working parents take care of their kids? That being said, we do have to realize that this decision was not made by the Governor. It was made by D38. The more signatures we receive, we can not only change the schedule, but we can choose which learning strategy we want for our students: full time, online, or hybrid.”

If you are interested in signing the petition, click the link below: