Review: The History of Time Travel


Photo by Image credit: IMDb

“The History of Time Travel” is a fictional time travel documentary.

By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter

Director: Ricky Kennedy

Cast: Stephen Adami, Krista Ales, Garland Buffalo, Trey Cartwright, Ben Everett, Ricky Kennedy

Synopsis: The History of Time Travel is a fictional documentary exploring what it would be like if time travel had actually been invented.

Review: In case you were confused by the title, no, this is not a sudden reemergence of my old history column. Rather, it is a review of the movie The History of Time Travel. Filmed like a documentary, The History of Time Travel explores and explains various time travel theories, discusses both the physical/moral impacts of time travel, and tells the story of the man who “invented” time travel.

However (and I must say this very delicately so as to not spoil the movie), there are hidden surprises that emerge throughout the story, to the point where I would recommend watching it twice to get a better understanding of what just happened.

Although The History of Time Travel is an older, lesser-known movie, I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone. Whether you are interested in time travel, science fiction, or just have about an hour to kill, it’s a clever movie that you won’t regret watching.

Verdict: 8/10, it wasn’t a perfect movie, but was definitely worth watching. That’s all I can really say.