Review: Snoopy in Space


Photo by Image credit: Apple TV+

Snoopy explores new horizons in Apple TV’s new original.

By Kaitlyn Ketchell, Reporter

Cast: Terry McGurrin, Robert Tinkler, Ethan Pugiotto, Hattie Kragten, Christian Dal Dosso, Isabella Leo, Wyatt White, Holly Gorski, Isis Moore, Nicole Byer

Synopsis: Snoopy and Woodstock explore the moon and more as the rest of the Peanuts gang supports them through Ground Control.

Review: A 12-episode miniseries, Snoopy in Space follows the adventures of Snoopy, Woodstock, and other iconic Peanuts characters as Snoopy tries to fulfill his dream of going to space. The show begins with Snoopy writing to NASA in the hope of qualifying for the astronaut program; however, after he is rejected, Charlie Brown and his friends try to console Snoopy by taking him to the Johnson Space Center. There, Snoopy and Woodstock sneak into the astronaut training facility and prove that they are both worthy of being astronauts. Snoopy and Woodstock then explore the International Space Station and later the Moon while Charlie Brown and his friends monitor the missions from Ground Control.

While Snoopy in Space is focused more on Snoopy and Woodstock than Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts, as usual, the show is clever, cute, and educational. Yes, it really is educational. In addition to explaining space in an easy to understand way, other fun facts are sprinkled in (such as Alan Shepard sneaking his golf club to the Moon) so that there’s always something new to learn.

Ultimately, Snoopy in Space is a fantastic show that I thoroughly enjoyed. It requires some suspension of disbelief, but then again, most of Snoopy’s shenanigans do. Whether young or old, new to Peanuts or a long-time fan, Snoopy in Space is bound to appeal to everyone.