A Sun-Soaked Farewell To Students


Photo by Lisa Palmer

(From left to right) Mrs O’Grady, Mrs Jenson, Mrs Hopkins, and her daughter Izzy.

By Luxe Palmer, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The Prairie Winds Elementary teachers lined up outside of their school building on Friday, May 22, decked out in Hawaiian accoutrements and waving signs to their beloved students. The “reverse parade” acted as a final send-off for students and to welcome what will be known as the strangest summer break yet.

First-Grade teacher Mrs Temple and her daughter Linkyn, bedecked in spirit wear.

From 10:00 till 12:00, students and their families were invited to drive along Kings Deer Point and wave, honk, clap, shout, hold signs out car windows as the teachers shouted warm wishes of summer and congratulations. For some students, this was the last time they’d see their teachers, as they’re either moving away or continuing onto middle school.

Teachers blow bubbles and wave balloons to the passing cars.

These final goodbyes came with cheers of bittersweet joy, this being the perfect conclusion to a weird but ultimately successful school year, given the current circumstances. The weather was, thankfully, cooperative, and the sun beat down on the Hawaiian-themed parade that wrapped up the year with bubbles and balloons.

Students used window paint and balloons to say their goodbyes for the summer.

Students and families wanting to say their thanks and goodbyes held signs, balloons, and noisemakers, waving and honking as they passed by the PWES staff. Some cars used paint to illustrate their admiration on their windows while others had their tops down and children standing in the back. (Don’t worry, all proper safety procedures were met.)

The families lined up along Kings Deer Point and drove past PWES teachers and administrators camped out on the curb.

This “reverse parade” was held at many of the elementary schools in the district. Whether or not we will fully return to school come August, this summer is sure to be one for the history books. Thankfully, our amazing educators were able to pull off these warm, gracious, and socially-distanced goodbyes for both their returning and continuing students.