Mountain Chat


View off Pikes Peak

By Colby Schultz, Reporter

With summer quickly approaching, many of Colorado’s 14ers should start opening up soon. For the time being, there is still some risk of avalanches over many of the mountains across the state. There are many ways to check this online before you go, but regardless of what the forecast says it is always safer to be with someone who is trained in reading snow pack conditions if you are going to be traveling over snow. By July, many of the mountains are fairly clear however. Most are classified either class 1 through class 4, with class 1 being the easiest. Pikes Peak is one close to home class 1. However, even if a mountain is class one, it is still important to be with someone who has been at the altitude before, and who knows the way. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in Colorado, so it is always important to be back below treeline as early as possible. Be sure to bring plenty of food and water to stay fueled, and anything else that may be needed specific to the trip you’re planning. Hopefully you can get a chance to see one of Colorado’s many 14ers sometime this summer!