Social Distancing can’t stop a retirement celebration


By Kyle Ketchell, Assistant Editor

The staff of Bear Creek Elementary got together – six feet apart – to honor and celebrate Ms. Gabby Reddish. Ms. Reddish began working for Mrs. Peggy Parsley at Grace Best Elementary School in 2007. She later moved to Creekside Middle School, and helped with the transition of the building to Bear Creek Elementary School. Ms. Reddish has now retired from her job as a Night Custodian. Under Bear Creek Principal Peggy Parsley.

The Staff of Bear Creek Elementary School stood in front of the building with waves, cheers, and signs to recognize the career of their coworker and friend, and to say goodbye to an important member of the Lewis Palmer School District family.

Normally, a retirement party involves a close social gathering, some food, and hugs all around. Unfortunately, social distancing requirements have made social gatherings somewhat awkward. But the innovative staff of Bear Creek found a way to celebrate, just without hugs.

Bear Creek Principal Peggy Parsley and Assistant Principal Melissa Gibson-Steiner left the building with Gabby Reddish to the cheers of the Bear Creek staff. The staff waved from their cars, and passed their signs to Ms. Reddish.

Well that made me cry.

Mrs. Molly Ketchell, Bear Creek Teacher

While Social Distancing requirements did keep hugs out of an often emotional event, the Bear Creek staff were still able to celebrate Ms. Reddish as she moves into retirement.