Mountain Chat


Larger bodies of water, such as this one in Washington, are often more prominent kayak and paddle board areas. However, we still have plenty of great places here in Colorado

By Colby Schultz, Reporter

With another week come and gone, many people may be looking for a new activity to try. With warmer weather here and more on the horizon, many of the lakes around the front range are losing their ice. Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are a fun way to explore many lakes around the area. Many lakes in the Denver area provide a variety of scenery and some larger bodies of water to explore. However, more local Monument Lake or Palmer Lake can be just as fun. Currently, the water still may be pretty cold seeing how recently the ice has melted. However, many lakes in the Denver area tend to warm up quicker. Both stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and Kayaking are safer in pairs or more, so long as social distancing is still followed. Hopefully the warm weather can hold, for plenty of opportunities to get on the water. If more warm weather can hit the mountains, there may be more opportunities for rafting trips hopefully come summer. However, it is always important to go with a guided group if you don’t have the experience or training/ certifications. However, the status of COVID- 19 may play a role in how soon until guided trips can start up. Hopefully soon there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the water.