How Are PR Electives Keeping up With Remote Learning?


Ridgeline is still putting on their weekly shows, but from home!

By Kyle Ketchell, Assistant Editor

PRHS has been closed for several weeks now. How are the non-core PRHS classes responding to the quarantine?


PRTV Ridgeline is still alive and kicking! Ridgeline is still producing weekly shows. The crew film everything in their own homes, and their teacher Mr Roy Saye edits them together into the show. Anchors Caleb Inama and Mary Dunston have been keeping their audience entertained with light jokes and updates from the PR Administration. The rest of the cast are still producing news segments every week. The content of each show focuses on how students are coping with life in quarantine. Check out their shows online at

Principles of Engineering

Most engineering requires working with other people, and Principles of Engineering is no exception. Most of the class requires students to build projects during class using provided materials. But POE teacher Mr Tyler Dall has been improvising. Since the quarantine began, students have been acquiring materials to use in their projects, from sources such as Amazon, local grocery stores, and those Lego collections from years and years ago. Students have been turning in their projects to the school and will be turning in all of their future projects as a video.


While Zoom and Google Meet can offer us near real-time interaction with one another, near real-time isn’t quite good enough for musicians, who rely on face-to-face interaction with other musicians to play their parts. The lag time in any video chat is just enough to create disaster for musicians wishing to perform together. Instead, the band is working individually on their music. Students have the opportunity to play with practice recordings of their music to lean their parts. In addition to their regular performance music, the band members have also been tasked with creating a video of themselves playing two parts of a duet. While the quarantine has created quite a challenge for the PRHS Music Programs, the students of the PRHS bands have risen to the occasion, and are working just as hard as they would be in school.

Wood Working

How does one do Wood Working remotely? As best as they can. Woodworking students are trying to use any wood they can get their hands on to complete their projects. Intro to Engineering Design students are trying to continue the regular curriculum with builds such as kites, boats, and catapults. In addition to hands-on work with materials, woodworking students are also working with CNC software to create designs on wood.


Anybody can sing. Not just anybody can sing well, though. The PR Choir students work hard and practice every day to keep their voices in top shape. Remote learning has not changed those plans in the slightest. During their regular class time, the choir members work on their parts with their director, Dr Brilleslyper, and they have weekly singing quizzes. The class keeps on top of their music theory, with Rhythm, Sight Singing, All-State Skills, and Music and Musicals assignments.