The College Kids Are Back!


The Alton family enjoying family time. (Severn Alton back left) (Katelyn Alton back right)

By Madissyn Moore, Reporter

Many changes have occurred during this quarantine. From now messed up sleep schedules to finding creative ways to fight boredom. One other change families have had to go through is the return of college students. Due to this pandemic, college students have been forced to leave the thrills of their newfound freedom and return to the strict rules they were so eager to get away from. Unless you are an only child or the oldest and still in high school, you may have suffered from the return of your siblings. Courtney Cordova, a junior at Palmer Ridge, has expressed how she feels having her brother return home from college. “Having my brother home is fun. He gives us a reason to socialize with each other [because] he doesn’t come [home] too often. The only thing that we don’t like when he comes [home] is that he uses all my toilet paper.” 

There are some downsides and upsides to being back home. Katelyn Alton, a Palmer Ridge alumni, is experiencing both sides of being back home, “It feels good to spend more time with my family but it’s also weird to adjust [to] being back for so long.” From a parent’s perspective our school bookkeeper, Bobbie Cordova, agrees with Katelyn. “[…]I enjoy listening to their conversations [and] watching them mess with each other[…]There is a definite change in the dynamics when everyone is home. The younger two are not used to the older ones being around anymore, and bossing them around again! The older two are used to doing their own thing on their own time, so It takes a while for everyone to adjust[…].”Being stuck in the house together means doing things together as a family. Sitting in the house all day can get very boring but Severn Alton, a junior, tells us his family likes to, “play board games [and] watch movies.” Courtney’s family also finds active things to do together. “We play a lot of card games together as a family and go on hikes and walks to pass the time. We also watch movies at nighttime.” Having older siblings home again isn’t always terrible. Families are able to spend a lot of quality time together that they have missed. 

Although quality family time is important, having alone time is too. Lily Matalus, a junior, gives us insight on things she does when being with family just gets to be too much. “I’ll put in both my headphones [and listen to music] and either go outside or go to my room.” Having your sibilings home can be really nice but everyone needs their “me-time.” No amount of love towards your family can keep them from driving you absolutely crazy. Remember we are all in this together. Stay safe and stay inside. Check out Colby’s article about fun activities you can do during quarantine.